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Window with a Quantum Entanglement View

March 2014

We are Software Artist and it is only natural that we submit our work to calls for art. This piece was submitted but ultimately rejected for the 2014 DLECTRICITY - Detroit's Nighttime Festival of Art and Light.


The effect of Quantum entanglement states that once two or more particles interact with each other they are forever bound by a connection that transcends time & space. Visitors can also have a quantum connection to past and future visitors of a space by simply visiting a space causing unintentional interaction with the particles occupying that space. These particles become entangled with the past presence of visitors and become entangled with the new visitors. This continual entanglement grows in complexity and eventually forms a increasing random network of entangled entities all bound to each other by an eternal invisible cosmic thread. "Window with a Quantum Entanglement View" is an interactive exhibit that combines Android App software, Android tablet, remote sensors and video projector and/or flat panel monitor.

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