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Graffiti Cloud Android App

April 2015

Graffiti Cloud App ( lets you tag any location with your Graffiti art using Augmented Reality (AR) and Geo-location. Anyone within the a 1/8 mile radius of the geographic location of your tag can view your art using the Graffiti Cloud App viewer. You can upload one free tag per 24 hour period. A fee applies for additional daily tags. Tags are automatically deleted after 24 hours.

Create a tag:
1. Select your brush type, size and color using the brushes dialog
2. Draw on the camera preview using your finger or stylus
3. Point the camera in the location you want your tag
4. Upload your tag using the upload button (a fee applies for additional daily tags)
5. After uploading you can share a link with location info about your tags using any sharing app available on your device
5. Select the erase drawing canvas button to clear the screen

View tag(s):
1. Select the find tags button and the number of tags found will appear in the number of tags found label
2. Pan the camera around to view the tags at your location and adjust the GPS compensation slider to zoom the tag images in or out
3. Use the Tags filter to show or hide selected tags
4. Select the delete found tags from view button to clear the screen of found tags

You can also use this app to:
1. Leave GPS breadcrumbs
2. Leave secret coded messages
3. Bookmark a location
4. Scavenger hunt games
5. Create custom street signs and directions
6. Announce an event
7. Promote your business
8. Post warning tags
9. Setup decoy location instructions
10. Public shout outs at sporting events
11. Send Birthday, Valentines, holiday and New Years' greetings to any location in the world
12. Share an event location
13. Share your location for roadside assitance
14. The possibilities are endless

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