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Karma Apps

These are free niche apps we created for you to use with no warranty or support provided. We only fix the bugs. 

A crowd sourced directory to search for books and Little Libraries in your area.

Sept. 2016

Roadside assistance app for Bicyclers and motorist. Don't be Road Kill, use the app. (also great for hiking and camping, etc...)

Oct. 2016

Wanna FightBuddy? Find a fight near you by posting a request for a fight or accepting someone else's. Select FightBuddys who match your fighting style.

Oct. 2016

The Democratic Expense Sharing App. Insures the integrity of your group transaction because funds are dispensed directly to the vendor and contributors vote to approve the disbursement of funds.

Nov. 2016

Are you a foodie looking for the next food PopUp in your area? PopUp Buddy has you covered. Search and post food PopUps and Bon Appetit!

Feb. 2017

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