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Get the STLs to 3D print your own StarDust Mark I 1/200 Scale Toy Model Rocket. Train as a ICSO civilian astronaut using the StarDust Mark I rocket ship model to role play and perform mock missions on a small scale. The model kit includes commercial aircraft LD3 and M1 scale model cargo containers to train and develop your own launch operation missions. This model is hackable by following this Instructable link that shows you how to add a Bluetooth LE Arduino (not included in this project) to control LEDs lights that simulate engine and cockpit control using an open source Bluetooth communications protocol.

Models shown here were 3D printed using the following materials and processes

Black Parts

PA 12 Black Multi Jet Fusion build in 80 micron layers


Translucent Parts

ABS-Like Translucent/Clear (WaterShed XC 11122) Normal-Resolution Stereolithography build in 0.004" layers

StarDust Mark I 1/200 Scale Toy Model Rocket STL files

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